Transport a large volume of cargo by rail and along the Brazilian coast at a reduced cost


Avoid the emission of polluting gasses with a more conscious and sustainable multimodal operation

Document management

Count on intelligent payment and document management, and make transport more agile and less bureaucratic

Benefits - Drivers

Safety Training

Instruction on best traffic practices to avoid road accidents

Greater Cargo Offer

Access to transport offers of cargo from the largest companies in Brazil

Travel Awards

Receive exclusive gifts when reaching goals of kilometers traveled in deliveries

Loyalty program

Ensure greater proximity to G2L and receive an increase in the number of trips

The multimodal operation reduces costs and risks, optimizes processes, and guarantees a smaller environmental impact


G2L offers multimodal operations to transport cargo throughout the country in the most practical, safe and economical way possible.

In 2021 alone, our cabotage operation surpassed 20,000 containers. We work with the three largest shipowners in Brazil, covering the entire Brazilian coast, in addition to rail terminals in some of our main units.



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Negotiation with suppliers

G2L can manage the best suppliers to benefit the designated route for each delivery

Negotiation with suppliers

We offer the service of contracting, negotiating and managing supplier and client contracts, in order to facilitate and streamline processes.

Data management

During G2L operations, all data management, tracking, and analysis are carried out

Data management

G2L integrates and manages all data related to its operations. Through solutions and software, it’s possible to make data available in customized dashboards that best meet the needs of our clients.


Operations planning follows the premises of meeting the needs of each client


The precise planning ensures that, based on the client's needs, the best modal to be transported is chosen, in addition to the management of the logistics network, flow integration, and opportunity mapping.

Terminal operations

G2L's national coverage contributes to a greater service capillarity

Terminal operations

We are present in the main terminals of the South, Southeast and Midwest regions, which allows us to offer the best options to our clients.

Multimodal transport

We have an experienced team prepared to carry out and manage “door to door” operations throughout the national territory

Multimodal transport

Technology combined with experience guarantees success in cargo transport through different modes, whether by sea, rail, or road.

Document and payment management

G2L's management reduces bureaucracy processes and allows its clients to focus 100% on their core business.

Document and payment management

Our team is trained to carry out all the day-to-day bureaucratic tasks in multimodal transport.



Greater profitability

A multimodal operation, precisely because it integrates different means of cargo transport, offering extra options to conduct the operation in a less costly and more efficient way.

Optimization of the OTM process

Greater success in multimodal transport activities when counting on the expertise of a company specialized in this service, and with the most prepared professionals and partners in the market.

End-to-end cargo tracking

We offer a complete operations monitoring service, which allows tracking the cargo in real time throughout the planned route. Early knowledge of the status of deliveries is critical for improving performance and reliability in transportation.

We minimize the incidence of incidents and malfunctions

We use Risk Management tools and processes to offer fiscal and technological solutions, in order to minimize incidents and promote greater safety in multimodal transport.

Capacity to transport large volumes

Railroad and cabotage modes already assume the ability to transport large volumes of cargo. We maximize the potential with an intelligent Cargo Formatting that guarantees, thus, the optimization of the load, a decrease in operating costs, and an increase in productivity.

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