G2L maintains its distribution centers (DCs) operations in 4 regions of Brazil, seeking to reach national operations, investing in hyperlocal, and delivering the goods to the client on the same day (same to delivery). The Southeast unit is located in the city of Mogi das Cruzes-SP; the Midwest one in the city of Cuiabá-MT; the Northeast one in the city of Camaçari-BA; and in the Southern region, in the city of Guaíba-RS. They all offer more than 20,000 m² of storage and handling, overhead cranes, maneuvering yards, road scales, integrated security systems, easy access to major highways and airports in each region.

We are specialists in special projects, presenting innovative solutions, and adding value to our clients’ entire logistical supply chain.


G2L constantly invests in the most modern technology on the market.


G2L develops special and customized projects, solutions for managing distribution, site management, network deployment, equipment, and visibility tools, helping to improve efficiency and client service levels by ensuring flexible and efficient operation.



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