Fleet Availability

Fleet Availability

New vehicles and thousands of drivers registered and trained to meet the growing demand and seasonality of the sector.



We have driver training and technologies that allow cargo tracking.



We have a complete and diversified fleet available to meet the needs of each product and client.


G2L offers modern and efficient solutions for the transportation of varied loads that meet the main needs of national agriculture.

We offer a high quality service, driven by a modern fleet and drivers who are constantly trained in the best safety practices.



Cargo Tracking

Delivery Tracking allows to track cargo in real time throughout its intended journey. Early knowledge of the status of deliveries is essential for better performance, reliability, and credibility in transport

Flow and delivery optimization

The use of technologies to carry out strategic travel planning contributes, among other advantages, to the reduction of operational and fuel costs, in addition to guaranteeing deliveries within the established deadline

Expertise in multimodal transport

We have the necessary experience to carry out the transport of loads in the most different means, considering, for example, maritime, rail, and road.

We are present in the main terminals in the Southern, Southeastern, and Midwestern regions, which helps us offer the best services to partner companies throughout the country.

Qualified team ready to offer the best service

Our team is qualified to perform all the day-to-day bureaucratic tasks in multimodal transportation. Thus, we enable partner companies to focus on their core business.




We manage, plan, implement, and control the flow of internal and external operations during all stages, whether in transport or storage. Always with the aim of providing organization and increasing productivity, ensuring the integrity of products and meeting delivery deadlines.



We contribute to transport in agribusiness by adding infrastructure, strategic logistics plans, and adequate and diversified vehicles to transport crops. We have technologies capable of multiplying productivity, in addition to a team specialized in service and operation management.



We offer quality inbound and outbound services by taking advantage of a young fleet, trained drivers and strategic logistics plans. We supply factories and mills, as well as guarantee the efficient distribution of products to DCs and final consumers.

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