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In 2018, based on an internal entrepreneurship pilot project, Gerdau employees put into practice an innovative plan with great potential: to develop a digital logistics operator that would impact the market through cutting-edge technological solutions.

Since then, G2L Logística has presented constant and exponential growth.
Its rapid growth is directly linked to the commitment of putting clients at the center of our decisions and, thus, promoting the best experiences possible.
As a multimodal logistics operator that differentiates itself through technology and innovation, G2L is always attentive to the most modern technologies to offer and an impeccable service, aligned with the pillars of Innovation: Impeccable Service, Consultative Sales, ESG, and Precise Execution.

Our investments in technology are reflected in solutions such as GMOV – our proprietary application for contracting and managing freight, with more than 50,000 registered truck drivers and advanced Control Towers – technology that manages the entire chain, passing through the interface, between systems sales and production, load formatting, loading schedule, and tracking, until the delivery is completed, by uploading delivery receipts via the app.

Located in 12 states and 25 strategic points in Brazil, the operations serve more than 4 thousand cities throughout the national territory. During the last year alone, the company has grown by more than 400% and is already positioned as the fastest-growing Logistics Operator in Brazil!

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G2L is a young company and, in a short time, it has already occupied a prominent position among the largest logistics operators in Brazil. Here we have some of the main highlights of our trajectory:

G2L’s Foundation

Founded in 2018, based on an internal entrepreneurship process at Gerdau, we presented ourselves to the market as a Digital Logistics Operator and proposed modern, innovative, technological, and customized solutions for different logistics operations.



Inauguration of our Headquarters in Alphaville

Our office located in Barueri – SP was opened in 2019 and fulfills an important role, hosting the Control Tower, commercial teams, Executive Committee and more than one hundred employees.

Control Tower

The G2L Control Tower was implemented in 2019 and, since its beginning, it has undergone constant improvements and improvements. Whether by integrating new monitoring technologies or enabling increasingly practical and efficient performance indicators. Our Control Tower is always at the service of our clients, enabling increasingly assertive decision making.


Launch of GMOV

GMOV is an original and strategic solution from G2L; our own application for contracting and managing freight. With it, our partners have at their disposal a base with more than 50 thousand registered truck drivers to conduct trips throughout the country. The app has already helped at least 4,000 municipalities in all regions of the country.

Beginning of the 4PL operation

We are concerned with offering an increasingly complete, intelligent, and customizable service to our clients. In 2020, we took a step further in our service coverage and, thanks to a qualified team and a lot of technology, we started to integrate 4PL operations.

Own Fleet

The year 2020 was marked by the first investment in our Own Fleet. An important step towards guaranteeing modernity, safety, and the quality of service that we are committed to, offering it in all of your operations and areas of activity.

25 Branches

We grew exponentially and, in just three years, we are present in 25 strategic points in Brazil. There are 12 national states with G2L units, which are: Bahia, Ceará, Goiás, Maranhão, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Pernambuco, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and São Paulo.


New Executive Committee

In 2021, the creation of the Executive Committee generated instant positive effects for the company, in terms of organizing and strengthening our structures and corporate governance. An important step towards establishing an increasingly solid and strategic path in decision making.

Consolidation of new businesses

Our 2021 was marked by great advances as we consolidated G2L as a company prepared to serve the main segments of the Brazilian market. We currently serve more than 40 clients in all regions of the country.

Own Fleet

To accompany the company’s growth, expand service capacity and ensure the safety of our operations, during the first half of 2021, we approved the second investment in our own fleet.

Intermodal 2022

As a young and modern company, we clearly see the importance of generating greater visibility and strengthening our brand in the market. Our first participation in a fair or external event took place precisely in one of the most relevant events in the areas of logistics and foreign trade.


Own Fleet

The third Fleet investment seeks to make our vehicles even more technological, modern and  – consequently – more sustainable. It reinforces our concern with environmental impacts by minimizing the emission of carbon and other polluting gasses.

G2L was born as a company that uses digital technology to bring the autonomous carrier closer to the load, through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Marlos Tavares - CEO

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São Paulo

Rodovia Presidente Castelo Branco, Km 52 – Ronda – Aracariguama – Sp – 18147-000

Alameda Tocantins, 75 – 15º Andar – Barueri / Sp – 06455-020
Avenida Eng. Miguel Gemma, 1871 – Mogi Das Cruzes / Sp – 08780-680

Rua Sisa – 450 – Guarulhos – Sp – 07221-030

Mogi Das Cruzes
Avenida Eng. Miguel Gemma, 1871 – Mogi Das Cruzes / Sp – 08780-680
Mogi Das Cruzes (Tinaga)
Taboão De Parateí, N° 20 – Taboão – Mogi Das Cruzes – Sp – 08772-010

Rodovia Engenheiro Luiz Dumont Vil – Pindamonhangaba/Sp – 12442-260

Sp-304, Km 148 – Tupi, Piracicaba – Sp (Sala 04) – 13428-630

São José Dos Campos
Praça Cariri 303 – Chácaras Reunidas – São Jose Dos Campos – 12238-360

Minas Gerais

Barão De Cocais
Av Getulio Vargas, 1555, Bairro Vila Operaria – Barao De Cocais/Mg – 35970-000
Rua José Maria De Lacerda, 1340, C –  Contagem -Mg – 32210-120
Av Gabriel Passos, 102. Bairro Por –  Divinopolis – Mg – 35500-450
Ouro Branco
Rodovia Mg 443 Km 07, Fazenda Do Cadete – Portaria Norte – Ponto E-12 – Nº da Caixa Postal: 02 – Ouro Branco – Mg – 36495-000

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro (Capital)
Avenida Joao Xxiii 6777 – Rio De Janeiro – 23565-235




Simões Filho Rodovia Br 324 km 16 centro Industrial de Aratu – Simões Filho – ba – 43700-000


Caucaia Rod Br 222 S/N Km 32 Primavera- Distrito De Guararu – Caucaia- Ce – 61690-975
Av.Parque Oeste, 1400 – Maracanaú – Ce – 61939-120


Açailândia  Rod Br 222,Posto Açailandia,Sala 02, Bairro Pequia – Açailândia – Ma – 65930-000


Recife 1a Travessa Getúlio Vargas, 189-375 – Curado, Recife – Pe – 50950-000




Aparecida De Goiânia
Rua 01 Quadra 11 Lote 26 A 35 Sn Polo – Aparecida De Goiania/Go – 74985-115

Mato Grosso

CuiabáAv. Ayrton Senna Da Silva, 675 – Distrito Industrial, Cuiabá – Mt – 78099-000




Rodovia Pr 423, Km 24,5, Bairro Passauna – Araucaria – Pr – 83705-000

Santa Catarina

Rod Br 101, 4445 – Km 116,5 – Bairro Salseiros Itajaí – Sc – 88311-600

Rio Grande do Sul

 Av. Getúlio Vargas,3200 – Charqueadas / Rs – 96745-000
Sapucaia Do Sul
Avenida Borges Medeiros, 650 –  Sapucaia Do Sul – Rs – 93212-110